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Professional Window cleaning ​in Toronto

Light Guyz is your best choice for window cleaning services in Toronto! Whether you're a homeowner, a resident, or a business owner looking to enhance the appearance of your space, our professional window washers meet your every expectation.

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Enhance your place’s visual appeal with our top-notch exterior window cleaning services. Our skilled team, with 10+ years of experience, utilizes advanced techniques to effectively eliminate tough dirt, grime, and water stains from the outer surfaces of your windows.

Transform the atmosphere of your living or working space with our interior window cleaning services. We specialize in brightening your surroundings by еxpеrtly еliminating smudgеs, finеr prints, and dust from glass surfacеs, framеs, and tracks.

Window Cleaning Service in Toronto and GTA

Why Choose Light Guyz for Window Cleaning Service in Toronto?

Professional Cleaners

Our window cleaning specialists are well-trained and friendly with 10+ years of experience, so you can be confident that your home is in safe hands.

In-Depth Cleaning

With our in-depth cleaning services, you can reveal hidden clarity and give your windows a beautiful shine.

Crystal Clear Windows

Our experienced window cleaning service removes smudges and filth, leading to crystal-clear windows and improved brightness in your home.

Proven Track Record

Light Guyz, Toronto's best lighting provider, has over a decade of expertise in delivering outstanding solutions for residential needs. Our proven track record shows clients can rely on our dedicated and professional services.

Professional Team

We offer current, innovative options, redefining expectations through extensive training of our dinamic and dedicated staff, as well as constant exposure to new technologies, guaranteeing that each client gets only the best lighting services.

10+ Years of Experience

With over 10 years of experience lighting up Toronto's skyline, and with hundreds of clients that trusted us for their lighting needs, we are the best lighting installation and window cleaning services in Toronto.

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Trusted Window Cleaning Service

 In Compliance with ESA – Licensed Electrical Sub Contractors provide all Electrical Services.

We work with Trained, Licensed, Insured Professionals that work at heights, and WSIB Cleared Electrical Contractors. 

Frequently Asked Questions

The cost of cleaning windows can vary based on factors like the size and number of windows, the height and accessibility of the windows, the extent of dirt and grime buildup, and whether interior and exterior cleaning is required. Contact us now to get a FREE quote!

Yes, the cleaning agents we use for interior & exterior window cleaning are safe and environmentally friendly, providing a thorough cleaning without risking your family or pets.

It’s generally recommended to schedule professional window clеaning at lеast once or twicе a yеar to keep your windows crystal clеar and attractivе.

We prioritize using eco-friendly products, minimizing our impact on the environment with the use of safe detergents and sustainable products.